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Owl Craft for Preschool Students

Katie Hays
Owl Craft for Preschool Students

Owl Craft for Preschool Students

When it comes to owls, they are very interesting creatures! Who here has seen an owl? If you have seen one, you must likely were up late as owl are nocturnal. Nocturnal means it is an animal that sleeps during the day and is up all night.

There are other nocturnal animals as well such as the armadillo and bat, but the owl is especially impressive with its big eyes and beak. This craft will allow you to make your very own owl with your preschooler and it will look great whether you just make one or have a whole, "Flock," made by a classroom of students!

This project is really fun and allows for a lot of creativity as these pictures from Little Lamb Daycare in Eugene, Oregon show! At lesson was held in the kindergarten the children learned: why there are no owls during the day, and what does this mean Nocturnal?

Little Lamb Daycare & Preschool

Exciting Owl Craft for Preschool Students

To make your own owl the supplies you will need are:

Black Cardstock Paper (a really thick paper)

Brown Craft Paper (a thinner paper, a brown lunch-sack will work too)

Brown, Black, White, and Orange Construction Paper

Black Marker

Glue Stick

White Acrylic Paint

Crafting Pom-Pom


Small Paper Plate

Circular Foam Brush

Googly eyes

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Tear-off a piece of the brown craft paper (again, a brown lunch-sack works too) and crumple it up. Then unfold it--this makes it look just like a tree-branch!

2. Glue your new, "Tree branch," to the black cardstock paper.

3. Use the black maker to make little lines and notches on the branch so it looks even more like it is a part of a tree.

4. Attach the craft pom-pom to the clothespin--it is now perfect to be a paint dabber.

5. While holding the clothespin, dip the pom-pom in the white paint and begin dabbing it on the black cardstock paper until you start forming the shape of a fluffy owl (or if you want, multiple owls).

6. Cut two big holes out of the brown construction paper, two medium-sized holes out of the black construction paper, and two small holes out of the white construction paper - these are the eyes.

Also, cut a big triangle out of the orange construction paper (you can cut out even more if you made more than a single owl).

7. Glue everything onto the owl as the picture shows.

The pictures also show how some students used googly-eyes instead of a bunch of paper for their owls, which is perfectly fine to do too! It all comes down to making the owl look how you and your preschooler want it to look!

I Can Trace Number. Free Worksheet

Numbers take practice! This math worksheet with owl lets your child trace and write numbers 0 to 10. To download Trace Number Worksheet for free, simply click on the picture below.

Owl Maze

Printable Owl Maze Worksheet for Kids. Simply click on the picture for it to open at full-size, then print it!

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Owl Craft for Preschool Students
August 10, 2019
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