Turkey Headband Craft for Preschool Students

Katie Hays
Turkey Headband Craft for Preschool Students

Turkeys are fun animals. They are big round birds who don't fly and love to waddle around and gobble. Why not let your preschool student pretend they have a turkey on their head with their very own turkey Headband? They can make their own funny turkey sounds and waddle around just like a turkey as you all laugh about the turkey sitting on their noggin!

There's a Turkey on Your Head!

The pictures shows preschool students "Just Children" (Telford, Pennsylvania).

As we see, the turkey Headband will look both cute and fun when it is complete. It does not go in front of your preschool students face and you can make sure it is not too tight, so it will always be safe! It allows kids to see everything and enjoy the excited faces of grown-ups talking about how they have a turkey on their head!

Turkey Headband Craft for Preschool Students

How to Make Your Own Turkey Headband

Making your a turkey headband with your preschooler is very easy! Simply download the free template (discussed below). Then once you have done so take some brown construction paper (for the turkey's body) circle the template and cut the pieces out. Then all you need to do is glue the pieces together and with your preschool student attach anything else you think would look good on your turkey--beads, feathers, drawing-on marker, it is all about encouraging your preschool student to be creative and make a turkey headband they are excited to wear!

Download a Free Template

If you want to go ahead and make a fun turkey headband for your preschool student you can download the free template below and then follow the easy instructions above! Before you know it you'll be able to say to your own preschooler, "Hey, there's a turkey on your head!"

Turkey Headband template
Turkey Headband

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Turkey Headband Craft for Preschool Students
August 11, 2019
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