Fun With Snow During a Snow-Themed Week With Preschoolers!

.Sophia Williams
Fun With Snow During a Snow-Themed Week With Preschoolers!

At Linda’s Preschool and After School Program in Ord, Nebraska they spent the past week having all kinds of fun with snow!

On Thursday the classroom brought inside snow for them to all play with and they used markers so that they could color the snow. Then, once the snow started melting the kids stuck it together and made towers of snow, which resulted in it looking fantastic as the colors started mixing in the melting pieces of snow.

All Kinds of Snowy Fun

Later in the afternoon on Thursday they did their, "Thinking Cap," activity. They filled up a jar with a bunch of snow and as everyone knew how snow melts into water the question everyone considered was how much water some snow would melt into? For example, if the filled a jar with snow would that melted snow fill the top of the jar or would it just meltdown to be a little bit of water at the bottom? Perhaps a mixture of both extremes? Every child guessed what point they thought the snow would melt down to by putting the first letter of their name on a piece of tape and then attaching that tape to the spot on the jar (the marker itself wouldn't write on the jar).

While the class waited for their snow to melt they enjoyed making some, "Indoor snow," by using baking soda that had been put in the freezer (to ensure it was cold). Everyone had fun building snowmen and other neat structures before putting vinegar on everything to watch it fizzle-up and, "Melt."

The class watched the jar full of snow throughout the rest of the afternoon and then by morning the next day it had all melted! It looked like the student named Emery had made the closest and most accurate guess. The class planned to let the water sit for a while and then give it a closer look on Monday to note-down how dirty the water had become. This was also a good way to encourage kids to think a little harder about if they should eat snow that is not fresh. It was a stellar week of snow-filled fun and the class had a delightful time!

Linda's Preschool and After School Program
Ord, NE, United States

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Fun With Snow During a Snow-Themed Week With Preschoolers!
January 14, 2020
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