Making Designs in the Snow

Making Designs in the Snow

Making Designs in the Snow

At Olivia's Montessori Preschool, they were excited to see the new year brought with it a bunch of snow! The kiddos were eager to go out and play in the bit of snow that did fall and they did a fun activity where they drew and made designs in the snow with their fingers and other tools.

Pictures in the snow

A lot of snow had accumulated on a bench and table so the students took turns using their fingers or other tools (sticks, pencils, etc.) to draw in the snow. Some children made simple shapes and others designed self-portraits, objects, and so forth. A handful of kiddos wrote their names to practice their word skills too, and others put their whole hand in the snow to make a handprint! Once the class was done they went inside to warm their hands!

Source for photos: Olivia's Monesttori Preschool

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Making Designs in the Snow
January 5, 2022
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