Creating Artificial Snow in the Classroom

Creating Artificial Snow in the Classroom

Creating Artificial Snow in the Classroom

At Little People Learning Center, they had a fantastic time measuring and mixing ingredients to create their own artificial snow! It has been very cold and snowy in some regions of the United States and not that chilly or wet in other areas. Therefore, making artificial snow was a great way to have, "Snow," even if it was not actually snowing outside the school!

The ingredients used

To make this artificial snow the teachers just used flour and water, basically! The students and teachers found that too little water made the flour just dry and too much made it all melty and liquified.

Playing with the, "Snow," for fun

As everything was measured and dumped in the big bin, the kids stuck their hands in and played with the, "Snow." They had so much fun squishing it and pretending as if it were really snow! Everyone discussed how excited they were for when it actually snows in the (hopefully) near future!

Source for photos: Little People Learning Center

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Creating Artificial Snow in the Classroom
January 4, 2022
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