Printable Activity for Practicing Sorting Recycling

Printable Activity for Practicing Sorting Recycling

Recycling Sorting Activity Printable

Recycling is very important for our planet. It helps reduce waste and allows used-up items to be saved and used again in a new way!

Recycling can be confusing if someone has never done it before, however, so this activity dedicated to sorting recycling is great for young students. By using these printables during a unit on a subject such as ecology, you can talk about how recycling is important and why we need to sort-out our recycling from our trash as well as how there are different kinds of recycling to sort too.

Printable Activity for Practicing Sorting Recycling

Printable Sheets for Practicing Sorting Recycling

Below are the printables that can be used for practicing the sorting of recycling. There are six sheets total with bins for paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, organic materials, and rubber as well as printables with images of common items that would be recycled.

The main point of the activity is for students to be taught about which bin they should put each kind of recycling in, making sure an object matches the designated bin.

How to Download There Printables

The file package which contains these printables can be downloaded for completely free! It is just one of the gifts that you are sent after you post with us here on! You just need to click here to learn more.

You also can purchase these sheets at this website!

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Printable Activity for Practicing Sorting Recycling
February 12, 2020
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