September Preschool Themes

September Preschool Themes

September-Related Preschool Themes and Activities.

September is the month that kicks-off the school year for many. Sometimes school has already been in session and it is a month where everyone continues learning. You can use these preschool curriculum themes during September to build upon concepts that are familiar to preschools and strengthen their learning skills.

School Theme

A school theme can focus on beginning the year or be about developing the classroom community. This is a great theme for establishing how to work and play within the class. If you used this theme in August, you could always revisit it briefly in September to help reinforce your classroom community and make sure everyone is continuing to be a great student!

Back to School

Apple Theme

An apple theme offers many opportunities for exploration and learning. You can use folk tales such as Johnny Appleseed (whose birthday is on September 26, or just talk about how apples are nutritious and delicious. With this theme, you can also build on gardening or farming themes from August if you discussed them then. Here are links of a few ideas to get started with an apple theme.

Apple Theme

Apple Printable


While you may include senses with an, "All about me," theme, the five senses themselves provide many opportunities for exploration. You may want to develop a separate senses theme to help preschoolers focus on these important natural tools. The beginning of the year can be a great place to introduce concepts related to the five senses. You can use it as a foundation for learning throughout the rest of the year.

Five Senses Theme

Five Senses Worksheets


Pets are a part of a child’s family and are often the first animals that a child experiences in a hands-on way. This September theme will assist your preschool class in thinking about the responsibility of caring for their own pets or friends’ pets.

Pets Theme

Preschool Camping Theme

Camping is a fun activity to do as the hot Summer months give way to a cooler Fall. Camping can be a great theme to do as you can pretend to be camping outside from the indoor safety of your classroom! You can talk all about nature and the kinds of animals seen when camping as well.

Camping Theme

Preschool Colors Theme

Colors are a fantastic concept to cover earlier in the year as they set a foundation for so many other discussion subjects. By making sure you preschool students understand colors they will be able to use that knowledge in a variety of ways.

Colors Theme for Preschool

Grandparents’ Day Preschool Activities

Grandparents Day happens the second week in September. Grandparents are family members and sometimes (if they live nearby) are very familiar to preschoolers and provide an immediate connection between a child and this learning content. You can use this family theme as a follow-up or as part of the all about me theme.

Grandparent's Day

All about me theme

Honey Bee Theme for Preschoolers

Honey bees are fascinating creatures! The fly through the air, pollinate flowers, and are a great topic to discuss and learn science from. You also could do snacks with honey as part of the honey bee theme--a tasty treat for sure!

Bee Theme

Pizza Theme

Pizza is a very popular food that also can be great for learning about counting (such as counting toppings) or matching (like with matching toppings). Taking a food item that is familiar to children and connecting it with activities helps provide them with a built-in familiarity as they learn new things.

Pizza Theme

Teddy Bears Preschool Theme

Children often have stuffed animals such teddy bears at home. Using teddy bears as a theme helps take something children find comforting and incorporates it in creative ways.

Bear Craft


Learning the alphabet is a big part of being a student. Making it a themed unit for all the children will help to make learning the ABCs fun and less scary than it might be for some kids.

ABC Theme


Preschoolers are beginning to learn about themselves and the world around them. Learning about things such as self-care, means being able to address needs such as children dressing themselves. Dressing oneself is an important milestone in a child's early years. A clothing theme can use familiar items to help preschoolers develop more of these self-care skills. Discussing this in September, as the start of the school-year is a great time to lay the groundwork for this kind of self-care among other kinds of caring for oneself such as brushing our teeth and taking baths/showers.

Clothes Theme

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September Preschool Themes
August 29, 2020
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