October Preschool Themes

October Preschool Themes

October-Related Preschool Themes and Activities.The month of October is known for being the first full month of Fall and having the fun holiday of Halloween. This post is full of links to some awesome October-related themes and activities to help you with your Preschool and Pre-K decorations and lesson-planning. Look below for an assortment of great ideas for the season and its spooky holiday!

Fall Themes and Activities

When the seasons change it is a wonderful opportunity to talk about the climate and make it a theme covered by your preschool lesson-plans through activities and crafts. Fall is a perfect example of a fun season to talk about as it brings with it cooler weather, leaves that change color, and animals getting ready to hibernate for the approach of Winter! These exciting activities and crafts listed below are wonderful for doing fun projects!

Community Helpers Themes and Activities

Our Community Helpers theme discusses the many groups of people who help us in our neighborhoods and with October being Fire Safety Month it makes sense to talk about Firefighters! By talking about fire safety, how to be safe in case of fire, and all the things firefighters do to help us preschoolers can learn how great Firefighters are. After talking about fire safety you can also expand your discussions to other kinds of safety and the community helpers who assist us (such as how a baker makes tasty goods and you should never touch a hot stove).

Halloween Themes and Activities

Halloween is sometimes thought of as being a little bit scary, but it can also be very sweet (thanks to candy) and full of non-frightening fun! Holidays such as Halloween are perfect to do a themed week for in your Preschool that takes the occasion and loads it full of fun and learning. Check out out Halloween themed crafts and activities below--especially the ghosts which are very cute and are sure to be quite a crowd-pleaser for your students!

Dinosaurs Theme and Activities

Apple Theme

Whether you are doing taste tests, making art inspired by apples, or picking them, there is so much that can be done with apples. Doing this activity is perfect for the Fall (apple-picking season) and we have a bunch of related preschool activities for you.

October Holidays and Events

Columbus Day - 2nd Monday17th: The Great California Shake Out30th: National Candy Corn Day31st: Halloween

October Preschool Themes
September 30, 2019
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