Pumpkin Theme

When it is Fall that also means it is Halloween-time and that is an especially fun holiday for all kinds of fun activities to be held about! You know what is a big part of both Fall and Halloween? Pumpkins!
They are a fun shape that can be incorporated into many different activities and it is especially fun when the time comes to discuss the pumpkin itself! Whether reading pumpkin-related books, doing pumpkin-themed crafts, art projects with pumpkins or even more choices there is a number of pumpkin-related guides that will help you start doing your own fun Pumpkin-themed activities!

Pumpkin Name Activity

Pumpkin Name Activity

At Bright Minds Preschool of Hobart in Hobart, Indiana they had a lot of fun, “Visiting,” a pumpkin patch full of letters and helping their students as they worked to fill their wheelbarrows with all the letters in their name!

With our free printables below your class can do this activity too!

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