Exploring pumpkins!!!

Juliana Marques
Exploring pumpkins!!!

Exploring pumpkins!!!

We went apple and pumpkin picking with my first grade class and then brought back a pumpkin to experiment with. We learned all the parts of the pumpkin first and dissected it together. We wrote down our findings in our field journal as we went along and found some interesting things.

After removing all the filling from our pumpkin, we then used it to create a volcanic experiment. This was the best fun!

We used baking soda and vinagre for this part. We also added red food coloring to create a more realistic volcano look.

We also experimented with the apple. Dissected it and found a star inside it if you cut it just right. There’s many children’s books that we found this great discovery in.

I hope you enjoy trying this out!

The children absolutely loved getting their hands dirty and making these projects. They also enjoyed eating apples with caramel and Nutella afterwards (be mindful if anyone in your group is allergic to any type of nut before using Nutella).

Mrs. Marques

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Exploring pumpkins!!!
November 22, 2021
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