Exploring Your Fingerprints: Preschool Science Activity

Katie Hays
Exploring Your Fingerprints: Preschool Science Activity

Our fingerprints are unique to us, nobody has the same fingerprints we do!

Even identical twins can have fingerprints that are barely different, making a fingerprint something special about us. This is a fun scientific fact and your Preschoolers can explore it by studying their own fingerprints in this exciting activity! It was very popular at Harmony Preschool and is sure to be a hit at your school too!

We learned that we are all special and unique!

Harmony Preschool, Boulder, Colorado

How to Do the Fingerprint Activity

1. All you need for this activity is a big ink-pad, some pieces of paper, and magnifying glasses.

2. Have your preschoolers take turns putting their fingers on the ink pad and then pressing them onto a piece of paper.

3. Next have the students look through their magnifying glasses at their fingerprints.

4. Ask students what looks the same about their fingerprints as well as what looks different. Encourage them to say what they like best about their fingerprint too!

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Exploring Your Fingerprints: Preschool Science Activity
August 29, 2019
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