Oak Tree Science Activities for Preschool

.Sophia Williams
Oak Tree Science Activities for Preschool

Oak Tree Science Activities for Preschool

These Oak tree science activities for preschool are as fun as they are educational.

The Bedford Learning Center at St. Matthew’s School located in Bedford, New York created these great activities for their, "Science and Nature," class and discussed how these amazing plants start out as acorns and then grow into big Oak trees. It is like having a science center right in your class!

The Bedford Learning Center


Felt Acorn Puzzle

Acorns have a number of parts to them and this felt puzzle is perfect for exploring them all! There is of course the Cupule AKA Cup, Stem, Pericarp (the outside layer of fruit, the Tetsa (which is the seed coat, the Plumule AKA shoot/stem, Radicle (the first root, the Cotyledon (the first leave, and the remains of the stigma.

Felt Parts of an Oak Tree

Just as with the felt acorn puzzle, this multi-layer felt creation is a fantastic way to learn about the parts of an Oak tree--the bark, branches, leaves, and trunk.

Oak Tree Life Cycle Worksheets

This worksheets trace the life cycle of an Oak Tree from when it is an acorn, to a sprout, then a sapling, and finally a mighty Oak tree!

You can click on any of the image below to go to a page which will allow you to print a full-sized version of the image to use in your classroom for discussion of the Oak tree life cycle.

Oak Tree Science Activities for Preschool
October 20, 2019
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