Exploring Different Sensory Bin Tools

Exploring Different Sensory Bin Tools

Exploring Different Sensory Bin Tools

ICan Home Child Care spent some time doing a fun sensory bin activity! The focus for this version of sensory bin excitement was exploring the bin with different tools. All of the children took turns using different tools to dig, pick-up the bin's beans, and otherwise do some work developing their fine motor skills.

Useful tools

The kiddos had a lovely time scooping-up beans as well as using tools that require a lot of fine motor skills such as tweezers. The children would carefully pick-up a single bean with their tweezers and then place it in a cup, showing off their impressive dexterity! The class loved experimenting with different sensory bin tools. You can do this activity too by getting various tools and making a simple sensory bin!

Source for photos: ICan Home Child Care

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Exploring Different Sensory Bin Tools
February 8, 2021
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