"Nighttime Pumpkins," Craft

"Nighttime Pumpkins," Craft

"Nighttime Pumpkins," Craft

At Friends Academy, they made a fun craft featuring, "Nightime Pumpkins." It was a gorgeous craft that all the kids did a great job doing their own interpretation of!

How, "Nighttime pumpkins,' were made

To make this great art, the kids drew pumpkins and leaves using a black oil pastel on white paper. Next, using only primary colors (red, yellow, and blue, they created their own unique shades of orange (yellow + red) for the pumpkin, green (yellow + blue) for the leaves, and brown (yellow + blue + red) for the stem.

After the paint dried, students cut out their pumpkins and leaves and glued them onto a black paper. To light up their skies, they drew a moon and stars using chalk, rubbing as well as blending the chalk with their fingers to create a foggy effect.

The whole class then brainstormed words to complete the sentence, "My pumpkin is. " Their responses described either how the pumpkin looked, how it felt, or what it was doing. It was a wonderful activity and everyone had so much fun doing it!

Source for photos: Friends Academy

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"Nighttime Pumpkins," Craft
October 28, 2020
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