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Washing pumpkins & apples

Justine Brown
Washing pumpkins & apples

Washing pumpkins & apples

The children got the chance to use their gross & fine motor skills washing pumpkins & apples. They used toothbrushes to wash the produce in the sensory table. We worked on taking turns and cause & effect of dirty & clean. We talked about where pumpkins and apples grows, asking if they got dirty while growing and if they needed to be washed before eating. We agreed that pumpkins get dirty growing on the ground, but apples must be clean because they grow on trees. We also spoke of clean and dirty, why it's important for ot only our food to be clean but for us to be clean too. We compared the children taking baths at home to what them cleaning and washing the pumpkins and apples. We talked about how warm water and soap keeps us clean and safe from germs, since we are coming into cold and flu season. The children spoke of taking showers and baths at home, comparing the 2 ways to get clean and which was their favorite, baths being the winner.

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Washing pumpkins & apples
October 14, 2022
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