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Halloween Sensory Play

Kiesha nowlin
Halloween Sensory Play

Halloween Sensory Play

Halloween Sensory Tray: We made a Halloween sensory tray out of black beans and pumpkin marshmallow candy. Add in spoons, containers, etc for lots of unlimited playtime. We used a tray from Academy to contain everything in but you can use whatever works for you. Hide the pumpkins, count pumpkins, sort, and organize. So many different ways to play with these trays. After Halloween is over, keep the beans for future sensory trays and eat or throw away the candy. You could add in bats, skeleton toys, ghosts, or any other Halloween themed item that you have available. We love sensory trays and there are so many different ways to use them so get creative with your learning! Have fun!

Happy Halloween! Boo!Trick or Treat!

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Halloween Sensory Play
September 10, 2022
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