Lunar New Year sensory play

Valerie K
Lunar New Year sensory play

We did an awesome sensory play activity while celebrating the Lunar New Year. We used gold and red ribbons and cottonballs to play and experience different textures. We added gold coins and cottonballs. The colors all meshed together making it festive and commemorating traditions of the Asian New year and the children had an amazing time engaging in the activity, making new experiences and memories

The cottonballs were pretend dumplings and the gold coins were little pieces of good luck. We also incorporated little chopsticks for those and the children had so much fun in the activity and improving their fine motor skills as well Some children had difficulty utilizing the chopsticks and we used red tongs or red plastic tweezers to add to the fun. This is a recommended activity for preschool aged children

Lunar New Year sensory play
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Lunar New Year sensory play
February 2, 2022
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