Fall - Pumpkin Seed Leaves

Sue Kilfoyle
Fall - Pumpkin Seed Leaves

Fall Pumpkin Seed Tree:

Colour clean dry pumpkin seeds by placing a handful of seeds in a ziploc bag and adding a small amount of food colour in the bag. Seal the bag and use your hands to squish the food colour around to coat each pumpkin seed. Once you are pleased with colour, place seeds flat and spread out on a cookie sheet and leave to dry overnight. Repeat for each colour using a new clean ziploc bag or rinse bag between each use. It is a good idea to wear vinyl gloves during the colouring process.

Once seeds are completely dry, have children glue the seeds to a pre-cut tree template. I mounted mine on a sheet of cardstock. I like to add a dab of paint to the glue to add a little bit of extra colour.

Fall - Pumpkin Seed Leaves

et dry overnight.

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Fall - Pumpkin Seed Leaves
December 31, 2020
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