Fall Theme

Anytime the season changes it becomes a wonderful chance to it make it a theme for your lesson plan at your preschool. Exciting crafts can be found as it is seasons with an abundant number of fun projects!

Preschool and kindergarten theme ideas for Fall!
Leaves Activity
Pumpkin Theme

Celebration of Fall

We have been loving our celebration of this autumn season. Leaves galore. I have been slowly adding loose parts into our work time. My classroom is a mix of many philosophies. Also, I enjoy offering the children many different ways to build a child’s skills.  For some children, I am introducing new skills, such as cutting with a scissors, for the first time. When one of our little guys learned to cut, he giggled every time he cut his leaf. Pure joy and a great feeling for a teacher.

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Scarecrow Contest Ideas

Scarecrow Contest Ideas

One fun activity each classroom at a school can do is creating their very own scarecrow in the form of a contest! That is just what they did at Primrose School of Heritage Wake Forest in Wake Forest, North Carolina where they had a, “Fall Festival Scarecrow Contest,” which resulted in amazing one-of-a-kind creations! Check out the scarecrows below for inspiration you can use to make your own!

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