Fruits and Vegetables Theme

If you want a theme that is a lot more than simply apples( as discussed above) why not discuss the a wide-range of fruits and vegetables? It is exciting to discuss what makes each of them different, how they are grown, why they taste different, and the reasons they are good for our bodies.

Lemon Theme

Creepy Carrots Craft

Welcome to Crackenhopper field!

The popular children’s book, “Creepy Carrots,” follows a rabbit named Jasper as he tries to find some tasty carrots to eat in Crackenhopper field. However, he encounters some very creepy carrots that are more scary than tasty!

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Fruit and Veggie Bingo Game with FREE Bingo Cards

The kind of Bingo games that grown-ups play can be way too complicated for preschool students or those in kindergarten. Matching a number to a letter is tricky if you don’t know even know all your letters or numbers, after all! That’s why this beginner Bingo game is great for kids–it substitutes pictures of food kids know for the letters and numbers! By having things like apples, broccoli, nuts, or other healthy foods the students can learn about nutritious foods while having fun.

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