"Top Banana," Classroom Project

"Top Banana," Classroom Project

"Top Banana," Classroom Project

At the Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain, the children recently participated in the first-ever, "Top Banana," project! Each student was challenged to present a creative banana costume or themed display with an engaging story and presentation. Then, Faculty and staff were then invited to view the exhibits all the children made in the school's lobby before casting their votes for winning categories!

Why do a, "Top banana," Project?

Doing a project such as the, "Top banana," one encourages creativity and inventiveness in students. The children thought-up everything from funny to scary projects for their bananas and really let their imaginations run wild! For example, the bananas that got the most votes were the above-seen Banana Bob Ross and a Bat-themed banana by the very clever students. You can do an activity just like this with any object that the students design a costume or diorama around--it doesn't have to be a banana! You could use a different food item, or anything random to encourage unique ideas!

Source for photos: Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain

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"Top Banana," Classroom Project
November 12, 2020
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