Lighting Project

Kandice NORRID
Lighting Project

Lighting Project

I teach a CTED (Career & Technology for Students with Disabilities) Interior Design Class. So, after we learned about lighting in houses, we did this DIY Balloon Lighting Project in class. They loved it and were so excited that they got to take their lights and hang them in their rooms at home.



Colored Jute Yarn (don't use regular yarn, it doesn't hold up)


Pixie Lights



Hot Glue Gun

Fishing String

*We ordered everything from Amazon, so the colors of yarn came in individual small skeins and were the perfect size for this project.


1. Blow up your balloon

2. Make a mixture of 2 parts glue, 1 part water in a bowl. enough to cover all of your yarn.

3. Place yarn in bowl with glue mixture and mix it until the yarn is thoroughly coated.

4. Start at the bottom of the balloon and wrap the glue covered jute yarn around the balloon until it is covered to your satisfaction, or you've used all the yarn.

5. Sit the covered balloon on a bowl, cup, etc. to let the project dry over night.

6. Pop the balloons carefully, and place the pixie lights inside of the light fixture.

7. You will need to tack the lights with hot glue in various spots so that they look spread out. The On/Off switch to the lights should be easily accessible so that you can change out the batteries.

8. Add the tassel to the bottom of the light fixture, and tie clear fishing string

to the top so that the light can be hung from the ceiling or wall.

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Lighting Project
April 23, 2021
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