The Enormous Turpin Activities

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The Enormous Turpin Activities

The Enormous Turpin Activities

Topic: vegetables garden and opposites below and above (we are Italian, so easily up/under)

Book: The enourmous turnip

Preschool 4/5 years old

1. Dramatization of the book

2. Showing the real turnip and think about other vegetables that grow under the soil.

3. Work painting with a sugar beet

Look at the vegetable, touch it, smell it taste it and paint with a peace of it!

Also with the kids of 5/6 years

1.Look at carrots, potatoes, onions and, of course turnip.

2.Reproduction on paper of the soil with crayons, drawing and colourings the vegetables looked previously and stick on the soil (under)

3. Represent the up part of the plants we have looked.

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The Enormous Turpin Coloring Page

Simply click on the desired picture for it to open at full-size, then print it! You can use plain printing paper as well as the A3 format.

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The Enormous Turpin Activities
April 28, 2023
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