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Shapes - Making a Triangle

Shapes - Making a Triangle

Shapes - Making a Triangle

We looked after objects to our classroom that could be combined to make a triangle. My students found pencils and markers and we helped them to attach them making sure that they were connecting the edges.This is our first attempt. After that we made similar shapes with some playdough and glue them to a cardboard.

Another activity we made was to tape in the floor a large triangle with paper tape and allow our students to walk all over it.

Also some years ago we used to make shapes out of straws joining them like the one in the picture (great for handmade cat toys too).

It is important for small kids to discover their own ways of making things using their imagination but trying to rech a goal at the same time.

During the process we can give them more imformation like discriminating the sides of the shape from its angles e.t.c.

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Shapes - Making a Triangle
January 15, 2023
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