“Spookley The Square Pumpkin” Lesson Plan Ideas

Picking a Pumpkin Shape

“The Legend of Spookley The Square Pumpkin,” is a wonderful children’s book by Joe Troiano (the Author) and Susan Banta (the Illustrator). The book is all about learning how it is okay to be different and it is a wonderful message to teach.

Peek A Boo Playhouse in Rohnert Park, California did a number of activities related to the book and these can provide lesson plan ideas for you to use with your own class!

Peek A Boo Playhouse , Rohnert Park, California

Picking a Pumpkin Shape

In his story Spookley is a pumpkin who is unique due to being a square! To encourage discussion about diversity and how we can all be different this activity involves students being shown differently-shaped pumpkins and picking the shape they would like to be if they were a pumpkin.

Painting Pumpkins

You can have students paint their own favorite characters as square pumpkin to work on their creativity.

Painting Pumpkins

“Spookley Is…”

This activity is great to make sure students understand the story and to reinforce their understanding of its themes. You write the words, “Spookley Is…” and the ask each student to finish the sentence by saying something about Spookley they learned within the story.

"Spookley Is..." Activity

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