Two Fun STEM Activities for PreK Students

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Two Fun STEM Activities for PreK Students

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At Oglethorpe Children’s Academy in Lexington, Georgia they did two fun STEM activities with the PreK classes.

It was part of how every day at the school they do both small-group as well as large-group activities designed to focus on incorporating reading, writing, math, science, and also plenty of STEM activities. During a previous week, the PreK class did two exciting STEM activities that will be described below!

Straw and Pom Pom Activity

The first activity the class did involving STEM was focused on blowing in a straw to move a pom pom across each student's table. The activity helped show how our lungs are designed so that they work on pushing air in as well as out of the body. It was a fun way to learn about the functioning of the lungs!


Candy Heart Balance Activity

The second activity with STEM involved balancing candy hearts. Students use their engineering plus building skills to create their own little scale. They then counted-out candy hearts to make sure their scale was balanced on each end. This activity taught concepts such as weights and measurements in a way that was fun and easy to learn.

The PreK classes at Oglethorpe Children's Academy loved doing these STEM activities and your school is sure to enjoy giving them a try too!

Oglethorpe Children's Academy


Lexington, GA, United States

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Two Fun STEM Activities for PreK Students
February 16, 2020
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