Tasting Carrots

Nancy Wolfson-Moche
Tasting Carrots

We used all five senses to taste carrots. With our eyes we noticed their colors (surprised to find that there was green inside, shapes, and sizes, with our noses we smelled them, with our hands we touched whole carrots and noticed their textures, with our ears we listened to the sound of the carrot before and during eating it. We noticed that a sliced carrot resembles an. eye. And we talked about how carrots nourish the eyes. Sometimes a fruit or vegetable nourishes the organ it resembles. Then we each put a small carrot round into our mouth and very slowly began to chew it. We noticed the sweet and earthy flavors that became more intense as we chewed. We listened to the crunch of the carrots as we chewed them with our teeth. Some children said they had been eating carrots for years and never noticed these qualities.

Tasting Carrots
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Tasting Carrots
September 18, 2023
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