Observational Painting Activity of Cloudy Days to do at Home

At Kinderoo Children’s Academy in Ocala, Florida they created this fun observational painting activity you can do at home too!

The teacher, Ms. Genesis, took pictures of the sky while standing on the school’s playground and used these images for encouraging the students to paint cloud days!

Painting Cloudly Days

To do this activity you can encourage your child to examine a picture of a sky with clouds. They will notice how there is a blue sky and white clouds. After discussing this you can then encourage your child to paint the sky with clouds in it using blue and white paint.

This activity combines using visual analysis, artistic expression, and fosters imagination and creativity. You can help your child as they paint on a palette or piece of paper with the white and blue colors. Make sure they refer to the pictures of the cloudly sky as they make their own interpretation.

Kinderoo Children’s Academy
Ocala, FL, United States

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