Unique Half-Picture/Half-Drawn Portrait Activity

Unique Half-Picture/Half-Drawn Portrait Activity

Unique Half-Picture/Half-Drawn Portrait Activity

They did a clever drawing activity at Children's Lighthouse! They had children take a picture of themselves, cut it in half, and then glue the half-image on a piece of paper and draw their face on the empty half to create a portrait that was half-drawn and half a picture. It resulted in some beautiful and unique creations. Some children didn't bring a picture and just drew pictures of their families, and that was great too!

How this portrait activity is done

This unique portrait can be created simply by having students take a close-up picture of themselves they do not mind cutting-up and slicing it in half down the part of their face. Then, the picture needs to be glued to a piece of paper and students can use crayons, markers, pens, or whatever they want to illustrate the other half of their face. Should children not want to make a portrait they can do this with a picture of their family or simply draw their family if desired!

Source for photos: Children's Lighthouse

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Unique Half-Picture/Half-Drawn Portrait Activity
November 30, 2020
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