Week Theme All About the Friends

Katie Hays
Week Theme All About the Friends

This was the last week in Cub Camp.

Our week was all about the friends we have made


We made friendship bracelets on Monday. We also took pictures with the friends that we made throughout the years, or just this year. We read books about making new friends and going to a new school.


Tuesday we had a pizza party with all of our friends and it was super yummy! We also created a book about how to make a pizza. Tuesday was also a special day because it was game day, as we all brought in many games to play with our friends.


On Wednesday we had our last water play of the summer - we made sure to make it the best one ever! It was also movie day on Wednesday, as our class got to relax and watch a nice movie with our friends.


On Thursday Cub Camp made pencil cases for the new school year - it was fun to decorate with stickers. We also worked on writing and knowing our phone number because it is always important to remember. We also talked about what our favorite summer day was during Cub Camp. We read books about entering kindergarten, and discussed how we feel about going to kindergarten.


Friday was our end of the summer Luau Party with all of our friends! It was so much fun taking pictures together, doing the limbo, swatting the pinata, and eating delicious snacks!

We are sad to see camp end, as many of our friends will leave us. We are so happy that the campers had a great summer and are well prepared both academically and socially to go to kindergarten!

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Week Theme All About the Friends
August 26, 2019
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