What is in my body?

Monika Kalinowska
What is in my body?

What is in my body?

Teaching children about their body is one of the first topic in early educational. However the name of human iternal organs appear much later. I believe that some of easly recognisable organs can be introduced to preschoolers much ealier and it can be a great fun for them. All we need for this activity is wooden blocks, some laminated organs and the book "My body".

Firstly we need a human body shape. Therefore we ask one child to lay flat on the floor and the other to make a frame arround it with wooden blocks. The next and main task, is to find the right shape of our internal organs and it's place in our body.

We didn't have any problem with motivation as my children wanted to start exploring the book right away without further explanation.

That simple activity is a great exercise developing observation, logical thinking, cooperation, patience, concentration but also reading skills and fine motor skills. This activity is also super fun, and as we all know learning through play is the most effective learning.

P.S. Of course my children needed to do it twice, because the other one wanted to have it's body frame too.

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What is in my body?
September 3, 2020
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