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Matching Body parts

Matching Body parts

Matching Body parts

Media you see following I brought from facebook It is a simple medium for teaching elementary school children.

Train children to notice pictures and different parts of the body.

Children can do it on their own.

Teachers do not have to explain anything difficult.

Group activities may be organized to build relationships and unity with classmates.

We may use the media in other ways.

or add vocabulary in other languages.

Can be used to study physical education.

You can find these materials on Google.

Bring the media to decorate more to attract interest and make students want to learn.

Other subjects can also organize activities like this.

It's good for students.

I recommend it.

The teacher tried to apply it to the students.

And let's review too.

I think students will understand the vocabulary better.

And also practice observing and meditating.

I'd love to see what you put into practice in the classroom.

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Matching Body parts
September 21, 2022
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