Parts of a Computer

Parts of a Computer

Hello, guys! Hope you are all doing great! In this opportunity, I'm sharing with you this awesome activity, in with Latino students can learn the parts of the computer and its uses in English. It is a great activity for these remote days. The kindergarten kids will love practicing at home.

This activity is meant as an extension of what they learn about the Computer and their definitions. I hope each students will love and enjoy this new way to start learning in 2020. Con este ejercicio pretendo enseñar a mis estudiantes latinos las palabras y funciones básicas de la computadora en Inglés. Mas aun en estos tiempos que estamos trabajandp desde casa. No es una tarea fácil pero sé que al final todos lograremos tener éxito. Amemos enseñar a nuestros estudiantes a distancia.

Parts of a Computer
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Parts of a Computer
November 14, 2020
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