Loose Parts Portrait Craft Idea

Loose Parts Portrait Craft Idea

Loose Parts Portrait Craft Idea

At Washington Street UMC Preschool they made portraits out of, "Loose parts," and the results were spectacular! The kids were so creative in using assorted objects to create their portrait.

How to make you own loose parts portrait

To make your own loose parts portrait you simply need a piece of paper cut-out to look like a head and then an assortment of loose parts (bottle caps, corks, string, rocks, cotton balls, buttons, anything else). Once you have that you can place objects on the head to create a face as the portrait and glue everything down as well if you want it to be permanent.

Benefits to making a loose parts portrait

Making a loose parts portrait is great for young children as it encourages them to use their creativity to, "Picture," their face out of an assortment of random objects. Plus, kids use their fine motor skills as they manipulate and place down the objects (and glue them if wanted).

Source for photos: Washington Street UMC Preschool

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Loose Parts Portrait Craft Idea
October 7, 2020
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