Nature Loose Parts

Charmaine Mackinnon
Nature Loose Parts

The children love bugs and nature. So I created a loose parts provocations where they can use their imagination and great for fine motor development. I provide 4 trays which one has fake grass, flowers, sand, and wood. The children create homes for the butterflies and bugs. The children loved it. You can add any loose parts you have. Some children loved the texture of sand on their hands. There was a lot of collaboration and sharing happening in this activity. You can do it indoors or outdoors. I thought about using real grass and changing one tray into a water lily one. Where they would have all types of textures. I wish I could have found plastic more realistic bugs but I couldn’t find any. I will definitely be on the search for them. Hope you enjoy this activity as much as I did. It held up very well and will definitely implement it in the furture. You could leave this out all the time if you choose to. Enjoy!

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Nature Loose Parts
May 26, 2022
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