Studying and Setting Loose Butterflies

Studying and Setting Loose Butterflies

Studying and Setting Loose Butterflies

At Congregational Preschool, they had a little terrarium where they studied caterpillars as they made cocoons and turned into butterflies. The class loved studying these butterflies and then, once it was time, setting them loose!

Gorgeous butterflies

The class was informed how you should never touch butterflies as it can damage their delicate bodies and wings. Instead, they watched as a teacher had a butterfly climb onto an orange and then the teacher took the orange out. The butterfly munched on the orange and the class watched as it walked about before taking off and flying away to live out the rest of its life! Everyone had a lovely time studying the butterflies and the kids were excited to set them free into the World!

Source for photos: Congregational Preschool

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Studying and Setting Loose Butterflies
July 5, 2021
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