Painting Poetic Butterflies

Painting Poetic Butterflies

Painting Poetic Butterflies

At Paddington Station Preschool, they learned a poem and then did a piece of artwork inspired by the poem!

A poem about a butterfly

The students learned the poem's words which went, "When the cold wind blows/where doth the butterfly go?" This inspired them to consider where a butterfly might fly and what it could look like as it flapped its wings to someplace warmer.

Beautiful butterflies

The students used black markers to sketch-out the shapes of their butterflies and then used paint to make them colorful and extremely beautiful! The kiddos were excited to make some cool images of butterflies and share their creations with the class. It was a great time!

Source for photos: Paddington Station Preschool

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Painting Poetic Butterflies
March 14, 2021
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