3D Shape-Focused Worksheets for Preschool Students

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3D Shape Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to be 3D shape-focused and assist preschool students in learning about how 3D shapes work while examining two-dimensional worksheets.

By doing these worksheets, preschoolers will further develop their understanding of imaginary spatial locations.

Shapes and Shadows Worksheet

This worksheet involves finding the shapes and their matching shadows. Students also can note down which shape does not have a match to make it a pair.

Shapes and Shadows Worksheet

Children’s Shapes Worksheet

For this worksheet, the students count the numbers of each shape and then write them in the circles below. There are six shapes total to count and then note down.

Children's Shapes Worksheet

3D Shapes

In order to do this worksheet students see many 3D shapes in each section. They need to count up the total number of 3D shapes and then circle the right option of three offered that has the correct number of shapes.

3D Shapes

3D Shapes & 2D Shapes Worksheets

There are 2D shapes and 3D shapes upon this worksheet. Students need to identify both to complete it!

3D Shapes & 2D Shapes Worksheets

3D Shapes Worksheets

  • Count Worksheet
  • Way of the Duckling. Draw the path of the duckling on the shapes. Color the shapes correctly.

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