Hygiene-Focused Worksheets for Young Students

Hygiene-Focused Worksheets for Young Students

Hygiene-Focused Worksheets for Young Students

One very important thing for young children to learn is how to have proper hygiene. Having good hygiene keeps us from spreading germs to others or getting sick ourselves.

With that in mind, these worksheets are focused upon the importance of hygiene. All of these worksheet also have black-and-white versions so studnets can color them in if desired!

Pre-Meal Hygiene

This worksheet is about what should be done before eating. Students need to arrange the 4 cards in the correct order.


Soap and Germs

For this worksheet the germs are scared of the soap! One microbe only appears a single time, can you identify it?


Unwashed Fruits

This workhseet serves as an example of how unwashed fruits can have germs if we examine them under a microscope!


Hygiene Acts

These cards show someone doing an important hygiene practice such as brushing their hair, using a toothbrush, or taking a bath. If they don't do those things what they might look like is on the other card that matches with the action!

How to Download the Files

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Hygiene-Focused Worksheets for Young Students
March 18, 2020
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