5 Senses: Hearing Paper Cup Phones

Ana Simoes
5 Senses: Hearing Paper Cup Phones

5 Senses: Hearing
Paper Cup Phones

hat a fun activity for a classroom or Homeschool.

Making their own paper cup phones and being able to hear their friends on the other end had them fascinated and full of giggles.Phone Cup Bill's were sky high during recess when they wanted to speak to their friends on their phone cups.

Perfect for this part of the theme and to teach the children about SOUNDWAVES.

A budget friendly activity

x2 paper cups

x1 phone digits printable

x1 stick of glue

x1 needle / bamboo skewer

x1 scissors

Stickers or markers to decorate cups

Cotton Twine String

To do:

Decorate both cups with the markers or stickers.

Punch a hole in the top of both cups.

Print out the phone digits printable and cut out two. (one for each phone).

Cut the string to desired length.

Attach string into the cup and make a few knots to secure.


Show the children if the string is down SOUNDWAVES don't travel whereas if it is straight they will.

Either side needs to make sure the string is absolutely straight.

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5 Senses: Hearing Paper Cup Phones
March 12, 2021
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