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After worksheets activities

Monika Gubova
After worksheets activities

In every group if children are kids that are faster than the others and the slower ones. for various reasons. Some are able to work more efficiently or will just scribble over worksheet so he can play sooner. Then there are kids who loves to take their time, the are precise and even add their own details.

Either way some children end up doing their work sooner than others.

In our "Animals in winter" theme we had small extra activities for these kids so they don't have to wait for others to finish. That's why they were on the carpet by the way.

Squirrel shape match activity - they were matching the shape of the squirrels tummy with the same shape of the acorn. Kids were having fun with how hilarious some of squirrels were looking.laughThe popular one was with tummy of the star shape.

After worksheets activities

Kids in my class have obsession drawing with markers right now. In my country is not so common to have markers in preschool because markers are so short-lived. But some moms donated those for our class. So the activity was counting how many syllables the animal on the pictures has and color the same amount of circles under it. The cards were laminated to they could wipe the markers and do it again. Some kids were wiping with their elbows and didn't even know but it was fun overall.

Then i had circles with typical features of the animals (where they live, what they eat etc.) and the pictures of said animals. They were matching animals with the circles.

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After worksheets activities
January 24, 2024
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