Halloween Worksheets

Halloween Worksheets

Halloween Worksheets

These worksheets are great fun to do during the Halloween season! They are full of witches, ghosts, and other things that perfectly fit the spooky theme!

Halloween Worksheets

Witch's Potion Worksheet

Help the witch brew the potion. Connect the items with the same first letter in their name as the circle by drawing a line and coloring things in!

Flower, skull, potion, root, mushroom, horns, fish, fly.

Dracula Worksheet

Find all the letters of the word, "Dracula," and color them.

Enchanted Letters

Find and color the enchanted letters that spell the word, "Halloween."

Halloween costumes

Connect the children's costumes with characters they represent.

Find 10 Cats

Look for 10 cats in the picture and circle them.

Write Letters

Use the letters at the bottom of the worksheet to fill-in the blanks in the words!

Funny Skeletons

Count the skeletons who are all wearing different clothes and write the total number of different clothing at the bottom in the boxes.

How to Download These Files

These files can be downloaded completely for free! You can click here to learn more.

Also, if you want to purchase the sheets you can do so by going to this website.

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Halloween Worksheets
September 28, 2020
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