Visual Attention Development Activities

Visual Attention Development Activities

Activities That Improve Focus, Concentration, and Visual Attention

Visual perception refers to the ability to understand what we see with our eyes. Visual perception is an essential tool in reading, writing, and math as well as when doing everyday tasks such as completing puzzles, cutting paper, drawing, completing math problems, copying information from a board, understanding symbols, and dressing--as well as many other skills.

Attention & Concentration Worksheets

Visual Attention Development Activities

For this activity, you need to print out two dinosaur sheets.

Rules of the gamePlace the two sheets of pictures in front of the child. Images on both sheets are replicated in different spots. They need to find a picture of a dinosaur on one sheet and then find the same picture on another sheet. Then, found pictures can be covered with marbles, pebbles, etc.

Find the shadow of the dinosaur

Place both sheets in front of the child. They need to select a dinosaur on one sheet and then find its shadow on another sheet. Found pairs can be covered with marbles, pebbles, etc.

Simeltanious attention with letters and numbers.

This exercise is aimed at concentration and spatial orientation with the sheets. For this lesson, you need to print two sheets.

Rules of the gameIt is necessary to work simultaneously with two hands, comparing the left and right pictures, find the same images (letters, numbers, pictures).

Place two sheets of paper in front of the child. The child needs to identify the same images on two sheets at the same time.

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Visual Attention Development Activities
August 5, 2021
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