Having a Week Themed for Dinosaurs!

Having a Week Themed for Dinosaurs!

Having a Week Themed for Dinosaurs!

They had a dinosaur week at Lake Meridian Montessori Preschool! The children wore masks to look like dinosaurs and did various fun dino-related activities!

Egg sorting

The students sorted various dinosaur eggs by size and then color!

Paper plate dinosaur craft

Some kids used paper plates, crayons, and string to assemble big dinosaurs!

Dino poop

The kids studied (faux) dinosaur poop with magnifying glasses and discussed what it looked like the various dinos ate!

Toilet paper tube dinosaur

Everyone recycled leftover toilet paper tubes so that they could be used to create a life-size dinosaur!

Toy dinosaurs

Lastly, the students played with toy dinosaurs and used their creativity to simulate sounds and such! Dinosaur week was a blast!

Fossil kits

Some kids used fun fossil kit toys to dig for fossils.

Source for photos: Lake Meridian Montessori Preschool

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Having a Week Themed for Dinosaurs!
January 15, 2022
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