All About Colors

All About Colors

Get ready for fun with paint and colors! We are teaching the students," All About Colors." How are colors made? Do colors change? The children enjoy the visual games were they are counting and identifying objects. It helps to build their confidence while learning. They also loved being able to add action with the songs. Each day we choose a different color theme and song for the children during group time. We focused on the primary colors and showed how the primary colors made other colors. Get ready to see the amazement on the faces when seeing how the new colors are made: white and red= pink cotton candy, red and yellow=orange popsicles. Our day learning about water color was messy and fun. Getting to see how water changes colors as it dries and reflects in the sun is pretty cool. Friday was a favorite class color day and we made a special snack that color. Since it was a tie on many of the colors we enjoyed a colorful fruit snack.

I would like to receive the five Speckled Frogs counting game.

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All About Colors
February 20, 2021
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