Ancient Egypt Week

Ancient Egypt Week

Ancient Egypt Week

Over at Small Steps Child Care, they had an ancient Egypt week! The children learned all about Egypt and what it was like thousands of years ago. It was a time of pyramids, pharaohs, ancient hieroglyphics, mummies, and more!

Building a pyramid

One fun activity was the class building their own pyramids! They had little blocks and followed directions to try and build their own impressive structures. It was discussed how pyramids served as massive tombs for the rules of Egypt when they passed away and wanted to have a massive resting place for all to see.

Digging for artifacts

There were sand blocks with toy, "Artifacts," that the kiddos got to poke at with tools. They had a ball digging up things like toy mummies! It was a great week spent learning about ancient Egypt.

Source for photos: Small Steps Child Care

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Ancient Egypt Week
April 26, 2021
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