Pet Week in Preschool

Tracey Lee Tolson
Pet Week in Preschool

Pet Week in Preschool

It is so much fun to learn about pets in Preschool. We sang songs about pets including B-I-N-G-O and I Have a Pet.

We did action songs called Wag Your tail. When we finished our action song we were able to distinguish which animals between a dog, camel, hippo, and a gorilla could be considered a pet.

We had stations from academic to gross motor where we were able to match pattern blocks to a mat to match shapes and identify pets. We were able to stand behind a line and throw bones into a dish for gross motor.

Students were able to read sentences about pets and find target letters to work on reading skills.

Students worked on seesaw activities for at home learning to reinforce concepts about pets.

We read Jasper's new bed and were able to sort beds by shape, color and size on the smart board/view sonic board to reinforce basic preschool math and language skills.

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Pet Week in Preschool
October 4, 2020
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