Having a Hibernation Week

Having a Hibernation Week

Having a Hibernation Week

I Heart Preschool Early Learning Center had a week dedicated to learning about hibernation. They did a number of fun activities and learned all about the process of hibernation--when animals go into a deep sleep of sorts over the Winter and then wake-up in the Spring!

Hedgehog Handprints

The children used brown markers to fill in the bodies of hedgehogs and some brown paint to use their handprints to create quills.

Bear cave craft

Everyone made little bear caves by gluing popsicle sticks together and pasting a little hibernating bear in there too!

Hibernation sensory bin

Everyone loved playing in the hibernation sensory bin. It was full of bear caves, burrows, and toy versions of animals to pretend were hibernating!

Who is Hibernating?

The children filled-out sheets that showed which animals like to hibernate.

Stuffed animal friends

The day ended with everyone showing-off their stuffed animals--some of whom were representations of animals that hibernate!

Source for photos: I Heart Preschool Early Learning Center

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Having a Hibernation Week
January 24, 2021
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