Counting Fish Into the Fishbowl

Counting Fish Into the Fishbowl

Counting Fish Into the Fishbowl

At The Clifton Little School, they did a fun counting activity with Goldfish-brand snack crackers!

Counting with Goldfish crackers!

The children were given a stack of Goldfish and then a hand-out that featured a fishbowl and a number next to it with the number of fish that needed to be put in the fishbowl. Students counted out the correct number of fish and then after everyone finished counting their fish into the fishbowl it was checked if they were correct. Then students would trade the handouts and work at counting the correct number of Goldfish onto their new sheet until all the sheets had been practiced with. After doing this activity the Goldfish crackers were thrown away because they'd been handled a lot on various sheets, but the students were given extra Goldfish crackers to eat, so all the kids were happy!

Source for photos: The Clifton Little School

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Counting Fish Into the Fishbowl
May 25, 2021
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