Making a Jelly Fish

Lacey Clements
Making a Jelly Fish

Making a Jelly Fish

So we had some left over coffee filters and I discovered a neat way to use one for craft time. My daughter is 2 years old and she really enjoys stuff like this! So we got out the water colors, a glass of water, a paint brush, a coffee filter, and some fun fuzzy pipe cleaners. and we made a jelly fish!

It was fun. so the coffee filter holds up really well to water colors. It doesn't become too soggy that it will tear. So we painted the coffee filter with all sorts of colors. Very colorful! Then we set it to the side to dry. After it dried we glued on the big eyeballs! Then we took the pipe cleaners and pushed them threw the coffee filter to make it look like the tentacles. It was very fragile and could easily fall apart, but it was still a fun craft activity for making a jelly fish! I suppose there are better ways to make the tentacles.

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Making a Jelly Fish
April 14, 2021
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